Roof Patching Has Started

March 13, 2020

Patching roof to slow down water damage and prepping roof for next steps.

Friday the 13th in the freezing cold, battling sleet and ice. Preventative measures to keep the water from coming in through the holes on the roof. They were patched by our contractor and in this photo he is preparing to climb to the roof to nail up several rolls of roofing felt.

The roof was slippery and dangerous to walk on, not to mention the rotted wood and damage under the shingles. Our contractor spend the better of 2 hours cleaning the roof of dead leaves, tree limbs and other objects as well as cleaning and prepping the roof for some covering to keep the water out until we can get to Phase 2.

The first batch of emergency construction was paid for out of pocket by Chad Morin and Kyl Cobb until the funds could be raised in way of auction items and donations.

Every dollar counts and 100% of your donation goes to the preservation and restoration of this landmark.

Please consider pledging anything you can, even $1.00 makes a difference.